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The Turnaround Health randomized trial has shown that an entirely automated system can significantly reduce a patient’s diabetes risk, while remaining affordable. It’s now possible to provide a scalable and effective diabetes prevention program to a large patient population. The program requires little administrative oversight and integrates easily with existing systems. How can we help you? Contact us to find out.

We know that containing costs is critical. Dr. William Cefalu and colleagues have pointed out that “increased prevalence, not increased cost per patient, is the driving force behind the increased economic burden of diabetes” (1). In other words, we must turn around the trajectory of the millions who are on the path to developing diabetes. We have shown that Alive-PD can do that. And importantly for your bottom line, we can do so economically.

We have also shown that Alive-PD can have a significant impact on other costly conditions. We decreased the prevalence of obesity, and metabolic syndrome. We increased physical activity, improved diet, and even decreased sleep problems. Alive-PD also increased “self-assessed health status”, the almost magical question that has been shown to be significantly and independently associated with specific health problems, use of health services, changes in functional status, recovery from episodes of ill health, and even mortality(2). Let us know how we can work for you.



The Alarming and Rising Costs of Diabetes and Prediabetes: A Call for Action! Cefalu WT et al. Diabetes Care 2014;37:3137-3138. doi: 10.2337/dc14-2329


2 Editorial, Just one question: If one question works, why ask several? Ann Bowling. J Epidemiol Community Health 2005;59:342-345 doi:10.

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Enhance productivity and employee health while reducing health care costs, by providing employees with an affordable program that’s been proven effective. The Turnaround Health intervention is easy to implement, requires little administrative oversight, and is delivered outside of your internal network. Best of all, it works!

Too often, employees don’t take advantage of programs that require attending multiple coaching sessions. Or they don’t finish the series. In the Alive-PD randomized trial, 87% attended at least four online sessions, and 71% were still participating with the program at six months.

As an added benefit, Alive-PD significantly improved factors that can make a difference in employee productivity. It significantly reduced subject reports of “feeling tired, and having low energy”. We also asked: “How much difficulty did you have concentrating at work or accomplishing tasks because of physical or emotional problems?” — and the Alive-PD group improved significantly more than control, p<.01. In addition, Alive-PD significantly improved self-assessed health status, frequently shown to be associated with health and well-being.

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Offer your clients an effective prevention solution they can afford.

Enhance your employer offerings by adding a cost-effective, evidence-based, automated diabetes prevention program. The program requires little administrative oversight, while supporting effective behavior change among participants. Employers benefit directly by having a healthier workforce with improved worker productivity and lower health insurance costs. Evidence of effectiveness has been demonstrated in a randomized, controlled trial involving a population of diagnosed pre-diabetic patients.

We offer VALUE

  • Alive-PD doesn't use coaches, so it can be offered at a lower cost.
  • It has demonstrated effectiveness, reducing diabetes risk and weight.
  • It has very high participation levels.
  • And it's still the only online program with evidence from a randomized trial.
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Expand the reach of your public health objectives with an automated program with proven results. The program requires little administrative oversight, while supporting effective behavior change among participants, leading to improved population health. Evidence of effectiveness has been demonstrated in a controlled trial involving a population of pre-diabetic patients. Improve the health status of your constituents by offering unlimited access to an evidence-based program for one flat fee.

Alive-PD is being offered by the Diabetes Prevention and Control Program of the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services. The Alaska Diabetes Prevention and Control Program has partnered with Turnaround Health, Alaska Health Fair, Inc. and other partners to offer Alaskans free HbA1c screening and free use of Alive-PD. We are proud to be able to support this service!

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